Departments & Ministries
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This section lists the twenty-five (25)departments and ministries that concomitantly comprise the whole of New Life™ Centre’ Ministries. Though this is not an exhaustive list, it gives you an opportunity to view the various areas of ministries that utilize quality, spirit filled, loyal servants. Decide what department or ministry you feel God is leading you in. Ask the Ministry Council Coordinator what areas are still excepting applications for new participants. It will be one of the best decisions that you have ever made.

BLESSING of LIFE Children’s Ministries

This ministry is designed to nurture and develop the spiritual, physical and emotional lives of our children. The ages are from 0-12


Staff and members of the department are responsible for selling the recordings of Dr. Church’s music tapes/CD’s, books, audio, and DVD’s of weekly services, Christian literature, gifts, coffee, juice and any other specialty items.

Children’s Church

Through weekly services, this department is responsible for the spiritual growth and education for children ages 4-11. The department teaches key Christian Principles, and the importance of living a holy and sanctified life by accepting Jesus Christ at a young age.

Committee on Pastors Aide                 Top

An indispensable department that is responsible for meeting and tending to the needs of the Pastor, Assistant Pastors and guest ministers. They ensure the comfort of the aforementioned and provide assistance when needed.

Education                                                  Top

This department developed, and manages The Academy of NewLife™ an institute that fosters spiritual growth and knowledge of the Bible. This is accomplished through courses of study such as Basic Bible; Christian Lifestyles Class; Singles Class, etc. The Education Department also provides important information relating to all aspects of obtaining a quality education including scholarships, weekly tutors, financial aid, etc.

Evangelism                                               Top

An essential part of the ministry, Evangelism is the “lifeline” of the church. It is their responsibility to spread the Gospel by tirelessly going out into the community to witness to those who do not normally attend church. Additionally, they work with new converts each week to teach them about New Life’s tenets of faith.

Finance                                                      Top

This department handles the counting, and accounting for all financial contributions made to the church. They also provide updates after each service and submit reports on income and expenditures.

Fine Arts                                                    Top

This department is in charge of the creative and dramatic development of the ministry. Subdivisions of the Fine Arts department include the Music Department, Drama Department, and the Dance Department.

Follow-up                                                  Top

Alongside the Evangelism department, follow-up works closely to record all information from the new converts. This Department continually keeps track of them through phone calls and letters to ensure their growth in the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Hospitality                                                 Top

Warmly greeting and welcoming both visitors and members alike, the Hospitality department is the “first face of NewLife™ Worship Centre.” They are responsible for meeting the needs of our leaders, special guests, and ministers through cordial, joyful and cheerful service.

Maintenance                                             Top

Ensuring God’s house is presentable and in order, this very important department makes certain for a positive first impression. This Department is tasked with keeping the appearance of the sanctuary and surrounding areas clean, neat and respectable. Maintenance is crucial to the operation of NewLife™.

Media                                                          Top

This department handles the audio, videotaping and duplication of all weekly services and special events. They are responsible for keeping our bookstore adequately stocked with Dr. Church’s teaching.

Medical/Nurses                                        Top

Geared towards educating the Body of Christ to better spiritual and physical health, this department function as a learning tool for members seeking advice and knowledge on various medical issues. They host assorted events such as health fairs, workshops and seminars.

Members Auxiliary Committee (MA    Top

A supportive committee that greets and welcomes all new members as they join the church. They are responsible for compiling; maintaining and updating pertinent contact information on each member of NewLife™.

MEN of LIFE Men’s Department          Top

This department is designed to enrich and empower the men of NewLife™ to conduct themselves as responsible men who love the Lord and serve as examples for our young men to become God-fearing, holy young adults. All male NewLife™ members are inherently and automatically a part of this department. The Men’s department hosts an annual Men’s Conference, and other events.

Ministerial Alliance                                  Top

This department functions as a “school of ministry” for those members of NewLife™ who have been called by God to preach and teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Members receive instruction from Dr. Church on all aspects of ministry.

Mother’s Board                                        Top

Serving as examples of purity and holiness to the younger women, these elder and wise women of the church are here to counsel, advise and encourage. They are also responsible for all NewLife™special events such as Baptism and Communion.

Music                                                          Top

Psalm 149:1 “Praise ye the Lord. Sing unto the Lord a new song, and His praise in the congregation of saints.” The NewLife™ Music department encompasses the Praise and Worship Team, The NewLife™ Worship Centre Choir and musical arrangements for special events.

(Auditions are required for the NewLife™ Praise and Worship Team, and Choir). Outreach                                                        Top

Another lifeline of the Church, the Outreach department is tasked with spreading the Word through street, jail, and school ministries. This department visits hospitals, halfway houses, and promotes spiritual healing and growth to those individuals in need of help to overcome their addictions through the power of Jesus Christ.

Pastor’s Aide                                            Top

An indispensable department that is responsible for meeting and tending to the needs of the Pastor, Assistant Pastors and guest ministers. They ensure the comfort of the aforementioned and provide assistance when needed.

Physical Education                                Top

God‘s people should not only be spiritually fit, but physically fit as well. The Physical Education department promotes good health, exercise and fitness through various special events and activities.

Public Relations                                      Top

Aimed at promoting NewLife™ Centre’ Ministries in a positive light within the city of Las Vegas, the country and throughout the world. This department ensures the visibility of the ministry, Dr. Church and is responsible for all advertisements, radio announcements and press releases.

Security                                                     Top

This department is responsible for the safety of the Pastor, members and visitors during service. They additionally patrol the parking lot, surrounding streets, and secure the church building after every service.

Transportation                                        Top

This department offers valuable assistance to fellow members who are unable to get to church on their own. They provide weekly local van service to train stations and surrounding areas. In addition, Transportation works with other departments regarding their needs for various church functions.

Ushers                                                       Top

This department is a vital function to the orderliness of the church. The Ushers’ pleasantly greet members and visitors, maintain crowd control and assist in receiving tithes and offerings. They also distribute the weekly bulletins and visitor cards.

WOMEN of LIFE Women’s Department      Top

All female NewLife™ members are inherently and automatically a part of this Department. This department is dedicated to creating events that will develop God-centered, self-empowered, self-confident women who strive for excellence, and support NewLife™ in every endeavor. 1st Lady Angela B. Church is the moderator for this department.

YOUNG LIFE Youth Department         Top

This department works with all the young people of the church from ages 13-18. They plan activities for the youth, keeping them involved in the church while fostering fellowship among the children and teaching Christian values.

WINGS of LIFE Young Adult Department      Top

This department and ministry serves ages 19-30. This specific ministry provides strength and support to Young Adults and their specific needs.